1. Treat Your Customers Right – Use GUEST Model
  2. Don’t Come On Too Hard – Respect Your Customers
  3. Always Listen – Hear What Your Customers Have To Say
  4. Continue To Provide Support And Information On Work In Progress Issues to Customers.
  5. Treat A Customer Like A Valued Partner – Communication Is Two Way
  6. Build Trust – Let Your Customers Believe In Your Ability To Resolve Their Problems.
  7. Be Transparent And Honestly Admit Mistakes/Errors And Fix Them Timely.
  8. Follow Through On Your Word Or Promises
  9. Recognize Responsibility – You Are To Serve The Customer Rightly
  10. Always Say “Thank You” – Kindness And Gratitude Are Mending Drugs For Relationships.
  11. Manage Expectations And Be Creative.
  12. Create Emotional Connection And Grow It
  13. Don’t Get Lazy But Be Self-giving.
  14. Genuinely Interact With Them And Have Some Fun
  15. Reduce Average Response Time.


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