A great ingredient of leadership is the ability to take risk. Risky ventures are built on the leader’s conviction of seeing what others do not see, believing what is possible and making a leap into the future with the hope that all will be well, though there maybe reasons to doubt how things may turn out.

The leader should never be cowed by “slogans like look before you leap”. Truth is if you look too long, you wil never make progress. Learn to overcome fear –False expectations appearing real.

To take a risk is to create a future and manage the consequences of the results. There are many leaders who have done great things but only a few of them did not doubt that their actions may fail at the end.

At the very end, their fears dissolves and the outcome are usually exceedingly brilliant.

A leader must attempt big things and projects, things bigger than their comprehension, that shocks them out of reality and which perhaps gives them sleepless nights of how it can be realized. It is only then that their risk ability can become ingenious.


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