In 2014, I told a young man (name withheld) to get busy after  completion of his National Youth Service program by looking for a job as volunteer instead of seating at home. I advised him to look for a top rated consultancy firm for the volunteer service. He took my advice and i put him on a stipend to cover his transport for the period.

After a frantic search, he got a firm located at Victoria Island, Lagos where he served freely as volunteer. During the period, he worked in different project teams from where he acquired some experience that gave him better opportunity in the job market.

During the same period, I was mentoring another graduate in the city of Port Harcourt whom I gave the same advice. The guy told me to my face that he cannot use his money to transport himself and offer free employee services to a firm that refused to give him a job.

You know what happened? Within four months, the guy in Lagos got a job with an international organization. The guy is Port Harcourt is still scouting for job the last time we had a chance meeting.

The difference between the two guys was their decision, not the devil or some bad people. Truth is you create opportunities by being in the right place at the right time, doing the right things.

Many young men and women waste useful part of their lives waiting for employment by sitting at home doing nothing. Fortune does not meet a lazy person who daily engages in routines of naughtiness.

Get busy by identifying your passion and offer free services by putting your talent to use. This is a magical formula I have given to several young people and the outcome has been a tremendous success.

A young man who liked teaching was asked to offer free teaching services as a way of putting his time and energy to use. He started by gathering young boys and girls and offered them free coaching lessons.

After a while, some parents approached him to coach their children in science subjects which they paid for. Today, he has a blossoming private school where he is now an employer of labour.

You could be the next success story by following the examples of those who killed boredom and unemployment through rendering volunteer services. I am waiting to share your story on this blog.

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