Every person has a head that houses the brains that carry information. The brain is estimated to be 2% of the body weight but it manages 98% of human functions. The brain controls all the organs of the body and they all take instructions from it.

It is the brain that gives instruction to anyone on where and when to go, who to see, directions, solutions to problems and human instincts like hunger, sex, fear, fight, run, etc. The brain does this by sending messages in form of electrical and chemical impulses using nerve cells called neurons.

Studies have shown that the brain has two sides, i.e. the left brain (left hemisphere) and the right brain (right hemisphere). The left brain is the center that controls reasoning, planning, composition, movement, emotion and finding answers to problems. The right brain controls vision, innovation, creativity, astuteness, exploration, adventure and trying out new things, being positive and agenda setter in dealing with issues.

Every leader function from either side of their brains and could be described as either left brain or right brain individuals. However, there are leaders who have mastered both and are regarded as whole/integrated brain individuals.

Leaders demonstrate their individual orientation based on which side of their brain is most dominant. A left brain dominant leader behaves differently from a right brain dominant leader.


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  1. Sir, please when a leader is not behaving rightly, which part of the brain is at work? Because I know that the left and right brain are in control of the human system to produce a good leader. I know the leader is to be changed, but where one has no right to do so, what happens?

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