In talking to youngsters all over the country, one clear fact is that most of them seem to have ideas of what they want in the future.

For instance, when you ask high school students what they want to be in the future, you are sure to hear  responses like Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Pilot, Politician, Businessman, Footballer, Actor, etc. Among graduates, the responses are fewer but remains about the same.

These aspirations are future projections of a successful career, family life and the vision to achieve a great destiny as they progress in age and time.

Many later become broken and their attitude to life slides towards disappointments arising from unemployment and crashed dreams. What these group of people lacks are aspirational leaders whose job is to understand their individual career orientations and guide them to achieve their idealized future careers and life time ambition.

There are key ways of developing aspirational leadership and the principles below are recommended for youngsters.

  1. 1. Build relationships with people in the disciplines you aspire to lead in. There is no need for you as a youngster to reinvent the wheel. That profession you aspire to make a name has been in existence in one form or another and has been championed by some interesting personalities. What you need to do is to identify such personalities, entire a relationship with them and let them tutor you to achieve the dreams of your life. What it means is that if you want to be a musician, look for an accomplished musician in that genre of music to train you and hone your skills. The same goes for any other profession.
  2. Be ready to follow through your dreams. Life becomes meaningless when the purpose of a vision is abandoned for something less fanciful. Always believe in yourself and pursue your dreams. Nothing good comes easy like they say, so you must perspire and persevere. You need to be hard working and should be ready to pay a price to bring your dreams to reality. Your commitment and passionate pursuit will increase the chances of your aspirational leadership drive actualization faster than anything else.
  3. Strive to win the confidence of your aspiration leader and draw inspiration from his/her guidance. You call learn general principles from a coach but you need to be their confidant to know their deep secrets. Sharing of deep secrets only happen in a relationship where interaction is elevated beyond the requirements of duty and job obligations. Let your aspiration leader be a friend, a mentor and an ally in all you do.

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