1. Practice the 60:10:5 principle. Many executives’ seat behind their desk for hours trying to figure out solutions or through participation in meetings. While the daily routine of executives are mostly tasking, they should learn to get the benefit of this principle which encourages that after siting for one hour, stand and walk around for 10 minutes or 5 minutes at the least. This is another way of leading by moving around and exercising the limbs to enhance free blood circulation.
  2. Stop making your home a second office. Learn to make your home a resting place and create an atmosphere of peace, joy and free interaction with friends and family members. Whenever you get home, forget the stree at work and spend quality time with your loved ones. If yoou must read, spend your time reading things unrelated to your routine job so you will not stir the emotions connected with performance and meeting office related deadlines.
  3. Take care of yourself. You are not a work machine but human and self-care is important for your longevity. Machines are sometimes shut down for routine care and maintenance. Whatever you do, make sure you give priorities to what will keep you alive and well. Eat well, dress smartly and look after your health.
  4. Have a personal recharge secret. Continuum work without recharge plan leads to exhaustion, burn out, lack of energy and fresh ideas. A leader without a recharge secret will lack freshness, says the same thing every time and gets threatened when intelligent people bring up superior ideas that run against their proposals.
  5. Get help from other people. Success is a team sport and it requires the participation of all team members. A leader should not deceive themselves, thinking they are super people and without them, things will never be done. Team success comes through delegation and with it, a leader can subdue the tyranny of executive stress, overwork and fatigue.


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