In several leadership clinical classes while discussing the subject of leadership progression, one often hear reasons while some individuals have remained in one position, making little or no progress. The subject of leadership does not deny the existence of challenges, barriers, difficulties and sometimes failures but provides actionable solutions that could result in overcoming these seemingly challenges. Five things leaders must give up to enable them climb the leadership ladder includes the following:

  1. Give up making excuses. A lot of people are in the habit of looking for excuses for their failures thereby transferring the responsibility of generating the right results to other people. Leadership is about results and no excuse is good enough for not meeting your targets. Stop giving excuses why you failed to do a thing, rather, confront situations with a winner’s mindset and surmount your common challenges.
  2. Give up blaming other people. No one owes you anything and stop holding other people as reasons why you failed to achieve meaningful success. You may get help from relations, friends, colleagues and the society as much as you deserve but that is discretionary on their part. You need to hustle your way to succeed instead of getting angry because someone refused to share their wealth with you.
  3. Give up saying your background is responsible for your status in life. You may have been raised by poor parents or did not acquire sufficient educational qualifications but that is alright. You are not alone. People without education or with native intelligence are succeeding anyway, so why not you? Your background is not a reason why you back is on the ground if you look deeply. Change your attitude and be focused, set goals and pursue them. Stop waiting for manna to fall from heaven or thinking one day fortune will smile on you for doing nothing. Start working and get results, though slowly and steadily. Learn to rewrite your story by doing what people of your grade won’t do. The door of success opens to them who push the hardest, so keep pushing.
  4. Give up saying recession and economy is why you are financially handicapped. We all know that recession and economic downturn are quite challenging but have you observed that many people are having a swell time making money. People are getting prospered and many are coming out with creative ideas which has enhanced their economic staying power. All you need is financial intelligence or better still financial science that will point you in the right direction. Stop blaming the economy or recession, it is not the reason why you are unemployed. If you can’t find a job, create one and move on with your life
  5. Give up saying I have no money to fund my ideas. This clearly is an evidence that you have not thought through your vision and your plan is faulty. Money is not the first thing you need to start up a business but a clear vision broken into smaller parts. All you need is to think through, start small and grow your passion.



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