Leaders hate failure and never wants to fail at any time. Success is that effort that grew taller than a failure that went lower than planned results.

Success is an event so are failures. For a leader, the event must be separated from their person. When an initiative fails, the failure is an event. It is not the person that has failed. If a leader is able to separate the failure from their person, they see better and their emotions heal faster. It doesn’t matter if initiatives fails and efforts are not rewarded; the leader must never quit. Rather, they should fail enough and succeed by persistence.

Being consistently persistent could mean moving from one failure to another until one succeeds. Breaking the cycle of failure when success has not been achieved is what the true meaning of failure is.

Every leader in their match to achieving their purpose must fail enough until they achieve it.  They may fail in many things but they must have also achieved some things in the process. What the leader has achieved should motivate him/her to pursue higher goals which are no doubt within their reach with much perseverance.

They must therefore be clear of their purpose in their leadership walk and be willing to go through the difficulties of achieving the goals. Failures and difficulties encountered on the way should be seen as lessons learnt on the journey of success.






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