The greatest gift a leader gives to their followers is consistency, sticking to good principles that will result in progress and high impact. It is the best trade mark that stands out a leader and shows their relevance.

The question is what truly makes you stand out in the leadership place?

A leader’s persistency is the quality that allows him/her to consistently pursue their dreams, vision, goals or ideas with the same determination and intensity despite difficulties or opposition by other people or extraneous factors. Consistency answers to the law of effort concentration and enhances the leader’s thinking abilities in the following ways;

Think street smartness.

Think above average people.

Think above the followers.

Think above your crowd.

Think above your subordinates.

Think above your leaders and sub-leaders.

Although some leaders argue that consistency underlies predictability and removes the element of pleasant surprises, the principle underlying leadership beliefs must be concrete and built on sustainable pillars which support their vision and passion. What counts at the end of the day is the steps taken to bring to fruition and reality the vision. That is the mark of success and the streak of consistency.


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