1. The vision message. This message explains the direction and purpose through the vision, mission and objectives of the organization. The leader is the ambassador who must explain in details the vision and the roles of leaders and team members in actualizing the corporate dream. The vision message must be captured in both the vision and mission statement of the organization and its central theme should define the behavior of all the rank and file of its employees.
  2. The execution message. This message provides details of planned projects and programs. The execution message must outline the initiatives, the actions, tasks, resource allocation and performance evaluation systems. The message should contain the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the plan, execution and evaluation stages of the project. The execution message must emphasize team spirit, collaboration, rewards, result, performance, provisions, protection, safety reports, policies compliance and legal trends.


  1. The healthy team message. The leader’s message here should focus on safety arrangement provided to safeguard lives and properties of team members and employees. It also includes social or relationship building and recreational activities team members should engage themselves in order to build both physical and mental capabilities. For any leader, effective and working teams require team members to brace up for future challenges. There is always the temptation not to rejig or reshuffle a performing team but this is not to be. Every team must evolve better ways of getting improvement and achieving new performance levels without jeopardizing the health and safety of the team.


  1. The reward message. Here most leaders often emphasize the need for growth and profitability for the investors and financial stakeholders without stating what rewards could accrue to employees. For many leaders, subordinates are only entitled to their salaries and nothing more. Successful leaders must develop messages around performance achievement which can take the form of praise, recognition, awards or promotion. The message must emphasize that hard work and achievement will be celebrated and the leader should put a prize on it. This will engender motivation and better performance.


  1. The accountability message. Every employee must take responsibility for their actions by doing what is right, always. In emphasizing the need for employees to engage in ethical and legal behaviors without infringing or breaking company polices, the message must be clearly conveyed that actions carry consequences. Whenever any employee exhibit behaviors below expectations, the consequence could be sanctions or application of approved company regulations.


  1. The corporate culture message. This is the message which should state “who we are and how we want customers and all other stakeholders to see us.” This message should define the service culture, performance behavior and how the organization relates to external stakeholders through well planned social responsibility programs. The corporate culture or “who we are” message should create a market place point of difference, branding of logos, signs, buildings, vehicles and people in order to create positive attractions.














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