1. It reduces stress. Scientific research carried out by scholars have revealed that grateful attitude reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, produces emotional stability and elongates life. Just being thankful and telling someone ‘thank you’ improves their emotional health. When a leader thanks a team member for their contribution and the work they have done, it automatically reduces tension between them and creates better engagement. Grateful leaders are in the habit of saying thank you.


  1. It increases generosity. Gratefulness results in generosity. Grateful leaders are people who give more than they receive whether verbal expressions or physical gifts. Gratitude attitude provokes generosity and generosity means the gift of perspective which sees the richness of what we have and how a fraction of it can lift the life of another.


  1. It opens the door of engagement. A grateful attitude will spark off a conversation faster than anything else. Just telling someone thank you for your gift of attention which I cherish will open a door of conversation. When a leader expresses gratitude to a team member for a good job, he is bound to receive a response which he can latch on to start a great conversation and engagement.


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