In the workplace, the easiest way to attract adversaries or enemies is when you are in focus, making impact.  It is when others turn their head whenever you are passing by and they ask what is she/he up to this time around?  Whether as leader or as individual, adversaries exist in the workplace.  An adversary is a person, group or force that opposes or attacks you with the aim of stopping you from achieving a set goal.

Many people dread workplace enemies for fear of how much harm they can do to them.  It must be understood that enemies do not exist only in the workplace.  They are found everywhere; in homes, families, villages, communities, neighborhoods, social gatherings, offices, and even in religious/worship gatherings.

The truth is as long as you are in the workplace or even in this world, there will always be that one person or persons that don’t see eye to eye with you.  In the workplace, adversaries take the form of enemies, rivals, foes, opponents, corporate terrorists, blockers, intimidators, oppressors, etc.

The sad thing about adversaries is that they back stab by saying bad things about people, behind their back, instigate bad blood against them and prevent them from succeeding at the workplace.  In many instances, adversaries make life difficult and less pleasant because they are angry at the success of their victims.

In the workplace, adversaries are like snakes.  Snakes always seem to appear from nowhere but they are dangerous beings. But snakes do not conquer territories because they usually act alone.  However, they are capable of doing great damage.

Adversaries like snakes will keep knocking the individual who is focused on his duties in order to derail them and weaken their impact.  The leader must know the potency of overcoming the adversary in the workplace.  Victory over adversaries revitalizes the strength of the leader and legitimizes their impact.



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