When you hear youths talk about leadership, they talk more about the position and the perks of office. When they hear their friends have landed in juicy jobs or positions, they say things like “you don hammer, you don arrive, you have made it etc.
Their idea of leadership is positional and based on the wealth and opulence associated with the individuals’ position or office. Those who hold this position believe that leadership is a destination, a bus stop, a means to an end, a static venture or a “see Paris and die” adventure. This is totally myopic and a great disservice to the discipline of leadership

While talking to several young people about their future plans in life, it is easy to hear things like I want to be MD/CEO in the next 5 years, I will be governor of my state by age 40, I will get married by age 30 and etc.

For these persons and their likes, they create static destinations and whenever you ask them what’s next, they tell you and to settle down, make babies, work and enjoy life. For life to be meaningful, the destination must be dynamic, renewable, within some specific time and occasionally reviewed to meet changing needs.

Youths aspiring for leadership positions must approach it with the mentality of embarking on a journey not necessarily targeting a particular destination. This is because the journey of life consist of several mini destinations before the ultimate destination which is dependent on continuous improvement.

The journey of continuous improvement is the longest ever rewarding journey for young and aspiring leaders, and it has no arrival destination.

Every young man and woman aspiring to be a leader must see the journey of continuous improvement as more important than setting a target which represents a destination.


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