Execution in modern business remains the most intriguing challenge of Chief Executives and business leaders of any field. Research has shown that 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. Execution is a leadership function which exist in all cadre or positions in organizations.

What do executives do anyway?

  1. Purpose. Executives create a purpose, encourage and guide people and execute plans. To create a purpose is to state what you want to do and why you want to do it. The ingredients executives use for purpose creation are guided by Provocation, Passion, Purpose, Plan, Provisions, People and Polls (7Ps).
  2. Provoking of ideas. Great achievements are birthed by Provoking of ideas and creating a strategy out of the ideas into string of actionable activities. Ideas could be provoked internally or externally by natural occurrences, personal experiences or those of others and a deep seated hunger in an individual with a mission to make a difference or change the status quo of a thing, a place or of peoples.
  3. Passion. Passion is the fuel that energizes and drives action. Passion is a consummate desire that holds one, spell bound and only discharges when the burning desire has been achieved. Every executive has a passion, the thing that makes them restless, until it becomes concretized in the fashion it was conceived.

Passion is the life wire that turns dreams to reality. The cheapest thing in the world is dreaming, the costliest thing in the world is turning those dreams into reality. Passion is the driver that helps leaders turn dreams to reality.

Until passion is born, purpose is a life-less adventure. Purpose is the simplest way most executives articulate and explain their passion. Anyone who cannot explain his or her purpose simply has failed the test of passion.

Executives, most frequently ask the question – “what is the purpose of this?”  A purpose encompasses passion, belief, perception, internal motivation, what excites the person the most and shared external influences/persuasive forces.


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