1. Focus on possibility attitude. To excel is usually not when everything is working well. It also means ability to see silver lining at the dark end of the tunnel.
  2. Be opportunity seeking. A leader who wants to excel in whatever he does must be opportunity seeking. Opportunity seekers take advantage of situations by turning coal to diamond. They look for avenues, to improve and innovate on existing records.
  3. Be customer centric. Individuals who want to excel must cultivate the attitude of continuously delighting the customer with better services.


  1. Be a change agent and a process champion. Those who want to excel must take on the responsibility of being change agents or process champions. They must see themselves as ambassadors of change or role models and produce quality based output to meet up with the challenge of their roles.
  2. Develop an unflinching love for the work. If an individual truly loves their job, they will sacrifice anything to provide a great service. You can never love a job you are not proud of doing. Learn to take pride in your job and do it joyfully.

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