Leadership is a process that begins from the bottom rung of the ladder. It never starts from the top. Indeed, a wise man said the only thing that starts from the top is the grave.
The leader draws their strength from educational training, skill acquisition, hands on experience and continual engagement in leadership activities to sharpen their skills. To be an effective leader, educational qualification acquired from polytechnics and Universities may not be enough. There must be unwavering effort by the individual to pursue personal development
The journey to the top requires gratitude; to those who recommended you, to those who created the vacancies/opportunities and to those who picked you as a raw talent and polished you.
No matter the height you have attained in life and the new heights you aspire to get to, you will need the help of a man. A God sent man that will take you to the top particularly when your individual preparation meets opportunity.
Yes, men can help get an individual to the top. However, to remain at the top and be relevant will depend on that individual’s ruthlessness to make an impact.
The resolve and determination to succeed while at the top will depend on whether the individual is willing to commit whatever it takes for success to be achieved. This includes paying the price of struggling before attaining stability.

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