1. Learn the secret of They falling forward. When a leader fall or fail, they use the lessons learnt from their experience to advance their leadership potentials and do more. This is called falling forward in leadership. To fall forward is to use a bad experience as a building block to pursue new opportunities and achieve greater success. Falling forward helps a leader to bounce back from failures.
  1. Be prepared to handle outcomes as well as output. As a leader, you must be conscious of what you invest or put into your leadership plans, what comes out of your actions and the impact of what the output brings, which is the outcomeFighting output alone is trying to put out the fire. If you succeed in putting out the fire, what about other things that happened as a result of lighting the fire. Leaders trained with ability to deal with outcomes bounce back faster than those with firefighting abilities only.
  2. You must never quit. The saying that winners never quit and quitters never win is very instructive. Those who bounce back from adverse conditions, storms and failure are people with strong intrinsic faith in their ability to be resilient and they exhibit sustained drive to remain unbeaten despite the difficulties. Those who quit find it extremely difficult to bounce back and those who fight on always savour the sweetness of victory and success.  To bounce back from unfavorable conditions, never give up on your dreams and aspirations.

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