For a leader who is new on a desk, the first priority should be to identify what is working right and focus on them. These are low hanging fruits which are quick wins before he/she begin to implement disruptive changes.

Leaders must find what is working right and put more fuel (resources) into it. What is working defines where opportunities exist. Results become exponential when several initiatives working right are doubled or quadrupled. What works are generally referred to as “bright spots” and a leader’s job is to find the bright spots and continue the practice.

Many leaders having legacy consciousness move into organizations and become disruptive from day one with the objective of creating a new culture. By simply ignoring this principle, frustration sets in because results are delayed and they get edgy and angry with their team members.

Identifying the key things which have worked well is a pointer to success. Doing more of it is a sure bet that results will keep coming. Making changes that will improve their performance means extra ordinary results will keep coming irrespective of time and space.

So, what are the things working right in your life or organization now?


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