1. Keep every speech short, simple and be a straight shooter. Every leader should speak gracefully by making their speech short and simple, and allow more room for feedback by listening to their audience. A leader is not supposed to stand up, deliver a speech and walk away. That is a monologue. True leadership is to make a strong speech, engage the audience and listen to their feedback through questions and comments.
  2. Speak with empathy. In communicating with an audience, a leader should identify common areas of difficulty and challenges and show empathy as a way of connecting with the audience. This creates a bond and evokes interest on the part of the audience that the leader is concerned about their issues and will be helpful in resolving them.
  3. Show enthusiasm. A leader must be an interesting personality to relate with. One key area team members usually look out for is the willingness and enthusiasm of the leader to lead by doing and carry others along. A clear and evident display of team spirit collaboration and involvement of people in every aspect of a job creates a feeling of belongingness. Enthusiasm creates positivity and an atmosphere of sharing and involvement in execution.


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