Success is a team sport which some leaders fail to realize. Some as a way of dealing with their incompetence complex or for the fear of their inadequacies being spotted, do choose to work alone or with a selected few that they find less smart than they are.

In nearly all circumstances, men of high intelligence should not isolate themselves and make other people keep to themselves. A knowledge shared will create synergy and better performance by all team members instead of several individuals working on the same project adopting different approaches and strategies.

The job of executive leadership is getting a better and lasting result through others. Business success is never a solo effort. A leader must always remember that the reason why snakes don’t conquer territories is because they work alone.

An executive who cannot function in a team comprising of critical minds is suffering from incompetence complex.

Always being fired-up by yes men who only say the things they want to hear is the beginning of their downward slide to failure.


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