While hindsight is looking behind and insight is looking inwards, foresight is looking forward to the future. Many executives are often bothered about what the future holds for them as CEOs and for the company. The future is full of uncertainties and it is always difficult to predict what will be, who will be and whether things may work in favor or against planned actions.

Every executive must be able to see their tomorrow today, as their set of actions for today actually defines the tomorrow they grow into. What a leader does today or fails to do creates the tomorrow they eventually grow into, whether good or bad. It is necessary therefore that execution leaders should dream, exact themselves to make their dream come true and see a beautiful tomorrow full of bliss and splendor.

Foresight awareness helps the leader to predict what will happen in the future by identifying the needed difference between the present and the future of choice. Through foresight, a leader predicts potential outcome, opportunities, difficulties, dangers, successes and pitfalls.


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