This is a deep interrogation of the present to gain in-depth understanding of things or sequence of events and their overall impact on current trend and performance. It is a way of asking probing questions about what is happening to the organization in the now, why and how is it affecting the firm’s operations by digging deep into existing data and mining information.

Insight awareness power is a key ingredient a leader needs and should deploy in examining the distance between aspirations and results. It provides the framework to close the gap by providing effective solutions.

Insight awareness provide discussion basis for survival and business success in the present as teams brainstorm and formulate new approaches of creatively dealing with persistent challenges. Insight awareness helps the execution leader to apprehend the inner nature of things or gain an intuitive view of the interior of the business.

Insight awareness is used to scan both internal and external activities which helps leaders formulate strategies, initiatives and actions that will move them farther and safely achieve the future they desire and project into.


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