When business fortunes begin to go down, business leaders react differently and are confronted with issues like;

*        Whether the staff quality is bad.

*        Whether our environment is the problem.

*       Could the prevailing economy be bad for business?

*        What is the adequacy of the performance reward system for achievers? Is it

very poor or sufficiently motivating?

*        Are operational equipment and vehicles lacking?

*        Is there increase in the cost of doing business?


Times like these in every workplace challenge the ingenuity of the leader as desired results seem to be missing.  Usually the leader is in search of:

One willing to take risk to get things done.

One willing to do the right thing.

One willing to serve its customers in a satisfactory and delightful way.

The leader seeks for and pursues a program that can bring about employees with the capacity to resourcefully produce change in the business fortunes of the firm in an innovative way. This search begins in the workplace through an appraisal of available human resource and identification of persons with the requisite capacity to deliver the desired result. The workplace essentially is a collection of various units of aggregate activities that utilize available resources and opportunities through process transformation (change) resulting in the production of benefit(s) of higher value to identified customers and stakeholders.

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