Many people are confused as to what their strength is or what jobs they can do. When they go for job interviews and are asked what they can do, they say “anything”. In most companies or employment agencies, there are no positions like “anything”. These people are mostly uninformed about their strengths and weaknesses and what they can offer at commercial value or as voluntary service.

The four steps below will help you identify your area of strength so such that when next you are asked what value you can offer, you can answer even without blinking your eyes.

  1. What skills do you have? This is one honest question you should ask yourself or your friends. You may be good at singing or fixing things, teaching or craft making. You may have good public speaking ability or analytical skills. It is important you sit down and write 5 things you know how to do more than average level and look out the commercial opportunities of each of them.
  2. What are you good at doing the most? Take a close look at the five things you have written down and rate them in terms of your best abilities. Which of these items do you do differently from any other person? I mean which of them do you give your unique or magical touch in a natural way which others have commended you for? Identify your strengths and weaknesses and carefully select the best three ranking them from the best to least. For many people, their strength is hidden in what they love doing the most or within their passion. Identify yours.
  3. Get your friends and foes alike to rate your strength among your choices. You are not your mirror so your assessment may be inaccurate or subjective. Sometimes, you need to find out from friends, foes or strangers their opinion about your strengths and abilities. However, you must not allow their opinion to weigh you down particularly when it turns negative. It’s just a feedback and most feedbacks are inaccurate. Learn from these assessments and move on. Your objective is only to identify your strength and nothing more.
  4. Get inspiration from acclaimed achievers and rate your potential. No matter your position today, you can make it. Many renowned modern day achievers are people who started from the ground floor. They tried many times and failed severally before they became successful. Read their stories and learn from their resilience. Sometimes, it takes a while for your strength to grow and your potential to become developed. Keep working on it until you become outstanding. Don’t be discouraged when you are yet to reach your best.

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