Many individuals have dreams or they think they do. The challenge most of them have is how to realize their dreams. A dream is a mental picture of the roles or activities a person envisions and believes its realization has benefits for his/herself and others.

The dream could be about starting a business, building a dream house, securing a dream job or building a career in a chosen field of endeavor. The puzzle many tries to unravel is how to make their dreams come true. The 7 tips below will help you achieve your dream.

  1. Your dream must be clear. Every dreamer who is passionate about achieving their dreams must be clear about what they intend to go into. Clarity separates an active dreamer from a mere talker.

During clinical counselling sessions, people approach me that they have a dream. I congratulate them. The next thing is for me to ask them to explain the dreams to me the way they understand it so I can guide them. Many times, only a few had actually thought through what their dreams are about. Be clear about your dreams and state the objectives in an unmistakable way.

  1. Find out who will be affected or who will benefit from the dream. It is great to have a dream but it will serve no useful purpose if those who will be affected or who will benefit from your dream are unknown to you.

Through mind talk or research, discover and outline both primary and secondary persons who shall be impacted by your dream, in one way or the other. These individuals could be customers, stakeholders or the community you will be operating.

  1. Have a dream achievement plan. Develop a plan of how you intend to achieve your dream. A plan is a step by step statement of what to do, when, where and by whom. Your plan must capture the major ingredients of your dream and state the required tasks and actions that will help you achieve each milestone.
  2. 4. Know when you are ready to implement your plan. You must have a checklist of activities and what is required before you jump into the fray. Many individuals start a new program or business when they are not truly ready. No feasibility studies, no customer acquisition plan, nothing. They only believe that things will fall into place once they start. Success answers to a good plan. Draw up checklist and evaluate yourself. If 60% or more of what is required is yet to be met, then do not hurry.
  3. 5. Act on your dream achievement plan. Once your evaluation show you are ready, act on your dream plan. In activating your plan, use a program schedule that will enable you start from the simple to the complex. While implementing the plan, always look out for surprises or new opportunities. These are incidents that may make or mar the achievement of the dream.
  4. Know where to find help when you encounter obstacles. There is no guarantee that everything will go well as you implement the dream. What is required is for you to remain focused and identify sources of help when you need one.

You can get help from books, videos or watching the activities of other persons in similar activities. Importantly, having a mentor or coach can help you overcome challenges on your path towards realizing your dreams.

  1. Be thankful and worry less. Always remember that the opportunity to achieve your dream is a rare one. Being grateful for what you have achieved will inspire you to do more. Learn to worry less, relax and be thankful for your accomplishments



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