Back then in school days, most people were introduced to the subject of averages in data analysis. The principle of averages teaches that most data aggregates around the middle. At the bottom are the lower figures while the higher figures remain at the top.

In leadership, many people start without making successful accomplishments. They are at the lower rung of the journey to the top. At some point, they become good and settle into average life at the middle. They find no compelling reasons that should push them to the top to do extraordinary feats.

The law of averages affect life generally. Many individuals don’t wish to be the relics of society. They want to be counted among those who are not so bad, but easily gets along. They are satisfied with the good and never aspires to be on the extreme where the best people superintends. This is what obtains in the life of many leaders. They are average performers and they feel trapped or stuck in the mud.

Where are you in the ladder of leadership, the very low extreme, average or the high/best extreme?  How can you become a high performer and live above average rating?

To break away from average life and be a high performer, the following ten (10) steps are essential for you to become a successful leader.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone. To live above average, you must get out of your comfort zone and be ready to dare obstacles and challenges. The comfort zone may promise you the basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter and nothing more. To get more from life and pursue your life goals, there is need for you to jettison these comfort to secure higher goals and objectives.
  2. Be ready to experience pain to gain something higher. To get to the top will require discipline and self-denial. For an athlete who is focused on winning a gold medal in a competition, they engage in rigorous trainings, dieting/right eating and they avoid negative habits that could disqualify them from the competition. The same goes for a leader. They endure pain while pursuing excellent performance and they give attention to activities that promotes achievement of their dreams.
  3. Be a risk-taker. High performers are risk takers while average people are risk aversive. High performers believe in their dreams and are ready to sacrifice anything to realize it. Average people would prefer to work for risk takers instead of them bearing the risk. To break loose from average life, you must be ready to take risk and stand by your own terms.
  4. Aim at the top. If you want to be a success, you must aim highly at the top of your desire. If you are a career person, aim at the CEO position. If you are in business, aim at being the best in your community, state, country and beyond. Whatever you do, don’t be satisfied with very little positions. Be deliberate about where you aim to be, pursue your dream and give it a time frame. Successful people have their eyes on the top only and nothing less.
  5. Work hard to be the best. Success does not come by happenstance but by dint of hard work. It requires extra hours of practice, working and reworking. To succeed, you must work harder and smarter than your contemporaries. You must continually research new approaches, have sharper skills and possess better insight in providing solutions to challenges. You must demonstrate leadership that adds value to the team at all times.
  6. Accept new challenges other individuals run away from. What separates you from the crowd is your ability to solve puzzles and provide solutions to difficult challenges. A problem solved is an opportunity for recognition and promotion. Average people run away from problems and challenges. Successful individuals tackle problems headlong. When they succeed, they become instant heroes and celebrities. Never, ever run away from problems. The key to your greatness lies in solving problems and providing answers to challenges.
  7. Always break new grounds. To break the law of averages, you must learn to break new grounds. When someone does a thing for the first time, he breaks a record. If another person does the same thing, it is normal. To be successful, you must do things differently from what exist. Always find a better way of solving the same problems, such that your approach will be seen as unique.
  8. Learn to break existing rules and create a new order. Average people are methodical and they play by the rules. Successful people break rules without committing crimes. To be exceptional in leading people, you must be inventive and be ready to break rules and create a new order. Take a hard look around happenings in your environment and come out with something directly opposite, which is more efficient. Average people maintain what exist. Successful people create new order, for better results
  9. Learn from the masters. Successful people recognize greatness in others and they celebrate the virtues. They are quick to seek for knowledge and discover the secrets of impactful leaders. They don’t get tired learning from mentors and other remarkable achievers. Instead, they are willing to establish relationships, engage these persons and build working partnership with them.
  10. Live by improving on past accomplishments. Successful people live by continuous improvement principle. In a dynamic world we live in, change happens at great pace. The only way to remain relevant is to respond with equal velocity of improvement. Average people are aversive to change, while successful people keep changing to win the confidence and loyalty of their customers.

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