Many leaders and followers manifest compulsive degenerative moods, instead of generative mood.

Degenerative mood is marked by actions like fault finding, anger, being critical, being  negative, imperfect remarks, cynicisms, resentment, non-recognition of other people’s achievements, put-down attitude, holier than thou behavior, distrust, name calling, disrespect and disparaging of team members.

When a leader or follower spread around degenerative mood as outlined above, it creates a general atmosphere of unhappiness, demotivation, insecurity, low morale, low productivity, lack of ownership, disdain to authority and resentment of company initiatives.

Degenerative behavior underline poor leadership traits and can kill any leadership effort faster than anything else. On the contrary, a generative mood will inspire confidence, create ambient environment and engender performance.

Generative mood in leaders include energy, integrity, dependability, trustworthiness, knowledge, decisiveness, perseverance, courage, vision, consistency, high sense of judgment, virility, likeliness, networking, candor, humor and positivity.

Generative mood among execution leaders are manifest in their appearance, the way they relate and treat employees, ease and willingness to share information, high team spirit and reduction in work place conflicts or individual rivalries.



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