1. Learn to take baby steps. Leadership is a tough calling and it is full of intrigues or challenges. To be able to lead groups of thousands, a leader must learn how to lead himself/herself, lead a group of 2, 5 or 10 successfully, before aspiring to lead hundreds and thousands. In the process, the leader learns communication, team building, conflict resolution, negotiation and managing relationships. Like babies, young leaders need to know how to step up steadily, gradually and learn through mistakes and experiences about people, projects execution, accountability and result measurements. When a leader misses the baby steps of leadership and they are appointed into high office, they commit blunders which are sometimes difficult to ignore or hide. They usually end up as disasters in most cases.
  1. Be humble and ready to learn. Humility and willingness to learn from others will make a leader become great in handling small responsibilities. Leaders must be patient, make effort to find out the reasons why things are the way they are and gradually develop a plan to change things for the better. It is usually difficult for some leaders to be humble and learn from people of lower social status, economically disadvantaged or with less education than themselves.  In terms of wisdom, every man has something to offer and a wise leader can learn important lessons from fools if need be.


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