1. In life, things don’t happen in a linear or straight line graph. Many leaders do have plans with dates. When many people were young, they had dreams that “I will graduate at 18, obtain post graduate degree at 21, work briefly for about 5 years, get married and start a family, and own a thriving business at age 28”. When many get to age 30, they find that all their lifetime goals/dreams have remained largely unfulfilled.

What they are experiencing is that many things in life don’t happen as planned due to delays, difficulties, barriers and challenges which were not initially envisaged. This is life; it is full of ups and downs, with several bends and unplanned realities.

  1. Uncertainties are real. Every leader must be open to the reality that life is full of uncertainties. You do not wish or desire hard times before they emerge. However, a positive attitude is what is needed when events turn negative or results in unplanned eventualities.

Through an attitude of joy, courage and resilience, a leader surmounts the difficult situations and circumstances that present themselves at every opportunity.

  1. Those whom you love and those who love you may have reasons to desert you at some point. Although a leader does not plan to have prodigal followers or team members, the realities of life teaches them that some team members can desert or betray the leader. There are those who are in their team because of the obvious benefit that will accrue to them while others are there to serve and even go as far as making the supreme sacrifice on the leader’s behalf.

While a leader has implicit faith and trust in working with people, they should provide shock absorbing potentials for their shortfalls and inadequacies to enable them recover speedily when their trust becomes vulnerable.

  1. Failure is the greatest fear of all times. Do you sometimes entertain fears that some initiatives may fail or things may not work out as planned? You are not alone. Many great leaders have suffered the same affliction – there is always one or more things that give them trepidations and have remained their albatross.

Many battle the fear of rejection, a messed up life, a failed relationship/marriage, unfaithful and unreliable partner, failed business, impending danger or betrayal. Every leader must battle fear and overcome its strong influence.


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