1. Have a great start with a good plan. Leaders are looked upon as individuals that can deliver tremendous results. They are people who know the way and are passionate about telling other people how to get to the desired destination.

Indeed, the first test of a leader is to ask “what is your goal”? When the goal had been identified, the leader comes up with a plan of what is to be done, by who, when where and how it will be achieved. A plan should have a schedule of deliverables, with start and end dates. This tool is the first leader’s pillar of success that helps them achieve their dreams and lifetime goals.

  1. Build your enterprise around your prominent skills. Most often, I hear some young men talk about a great business idea. It’s great to hear and share those ideas. Truly, I love to hear those stories just in case you have one to share. However, when I ask them about their knowledge of the skill set required to implement the business, they go blank. They always believe that they could employ someone to do the work for them.

Building your enterprise around young prominent skill is the second pillar of great success. Your prominent skills are your expertise, your area of training, your point of value addition. At the start of any business, every other employee is only a supporter of your dreams and efforts. When they fail or refuse to do what is necessary, your effort remains un-thwarted.

  1. Develop unique characters. Character gives force to any passion. A leader must understand that character emanates from daily habits. Habits emanates from daily acts which stems from their thoughts. From the mind of the leader, there must proceed rich thoughts about work, service, ,product development and how to position your goods/services in the market place. Habits are consistent positive behaviours that distinguishes the leader from others. It grows until it becomes a culture when it rubs off on their teams and becomes their mantra. A unique character is a strong pillar that will stand you out in successful pursuits.

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