In any society or profession, followers and employees have found themselves on the receiving side of the impact of decisions made by their Chief Executives or those who run affairs in their disciplines. Many people don’t actually know that what controls their life is not their personal decisions but those made on their behalf by individuals they have chosen to trust. These individuals whose decisions must be watched because it can change the course of our lives include the following.

  1. Politicians and Business Leaders. Many individuals do not actually know that their lives are controlled by these group of persons. In making laws, rules, policies, drafting procedures or allocating resources, these individuals make decisions that affect the way the rest of us live our lives, what we can do and limits of our liberty. For them, what is of paramount interest is longevity in office and profits. Unfortunately, many people are docile as they never examine those decisions to know whether they are good for them in the immediate or future.
  2. Teachers and Instructors. These include school teachers, lecturers, religious instructors like Pastors and Imams and everyone saddled with the responsibility of knowledge transmission. In the process of carrying out their responsibilities, they inadvertently tell their followers and adherents dos and don’ts. In actual fact, these are decisions they are making on the behalf of their followers which many people are not conscious of. Many people rely on the scripts presented by this group in making decisions of their chosen career, who to marry and how to build social relationships with people without balancing out other factors.
  3. Medical Doctors and Healthcare Providers. Indeed, many individuals have modified their daily routines based on the advice of doctors or health providers. Without seeking for second opinion or contrary views, the patients who consult them take their decisions and use these to run their lives. At the end, the outcome goes both ways, due to some unexplainable factors which the individual involved did not sufficiently query.
  4. Service Providers, Artisans and Construction Workers. These are a group of persons entrusted by their employers to provide goods or services based on their requirements. These service providers make unsolicited decisions on behalf of their subscribers by committing resources to extraneous areas and throwing the bills at the subscriber to pay. Check out your communications, utilities, domestic and other service provider’s invoices and you will be shocked as to how much you have been fleeced in the past.



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