1. It offers the leader the key to speedy results. The decisions of a leader are clearly embedded in the type of result she/he generates. A leader with a good decision making skill knows the importance of speedy selection of the best alternative from the pack, without losing steam. Good decision making skill means elimination of errors, increase in success rate and speedy results in implementing initiatives.
  2. Helps to save money, time and energy. There is nothing as costly as a bad decision. A decision is said to be bad when the objectives set are unrealized, the goals are lost and the effort plus energy expended are wasted. A good decision saves time, money, energy and results in the achievement of planned objectives in the most cost effective way. It ensures that delays are removed from the process and time gained is converted to asset for the organisation and its team
  3. It gives a huge sense of individual achievement and fulfilment. When a leader makes a good decision which yields a high positive results, she/he feels good and experiences fulfilment and a sense of achievement. The leader could pride his/herself based on the gains of the decision particularly when it has enhanced the fortunes of their teams and organisation.
  4. It stands you out and make you outstanding. Through recognition of the impact of the good decision by friends, colleagues, partners and superiors, the leader gains wider influence and greater authority. A good decision making skill differentiates one leader from another and makes the individual unique in its own way. The easiest way for a leader to gain recognition from other leaders and respect among peers will depend on the quality of decisions the individual makes, at difficult times which turns out successful extraordinary effect.
  5. Increases confidence level and reputation capital. A good decision is a strong tonic, and a great incentive to help a leader make better ones. When a leader is known for his/her knack for making good decisions, other people tend to seek for his/her guidance and rely on his/her judgements. By so doing, the leader’s confidence level is enhanced and his reputation boosted.
  6. Raises professional profile and advancement. The reward for consistent good decision making by a leader includes promotion, professional elevation and reputational capital. Nothing impacts the professional profile of a leader as much as a track record of successful decision making outcomes.


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