Today is a special day to me. It is my birthday and I am profoundly grateful to God Almighty for keeping me alive and well.


Looking back, I find joy in expressing my gratitude through the lyrics of the song written by Nathaniel Bassey Onise Iyanu.


 Indeed, He is the God of awesome wonders and I have tasted of His power.  He has shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve.


His favour upon me and my family have been unquantifiable. His guidance and direction is the reason for where I am today.


I know that He is yet through with His many sided tasks which He is moving me to. Each new day represent a phase of what and where He wants me to function.


Today’s anniversary is another reminder of the reason for my existence and places greater demand on my resolute determination to remain unequivocal, focused and resolute in the pursuit of my dreams.


I want to use this opportunity to thank my wife for her uncompromising support, my children for their unblemished love.


My special appreciation goes to families, friends, colleagues and associates who have been my pillar of support both at good and difficult times.


There were some who couldn’t take the heat and had to exit. For this group, I bear no grudge but wish them well.


I specially thank all my dear ones who will spare a thought to pray for me and/or felicitate with me on this auspicious occasion of my birthday.


Thank you and thank you all.


God bless you and all my best.


Godwin Orovwiroro



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