The year 2017 is gradually winding down. This is the season of thanksgiving, appreciation and expression of gratitude. At this time of the year, many leaders express gratitude and celebrate their key people and showcase their achievements.

The foundation of grateful leadership begins when a leader realizes the power of gratitude. Gratitude is a gift a leader gives to a receiver and it changes both the chemistry, the atmosphere and the behaviour of giver/receiver alike.

Gratitude when expressed is always greeted with a smile, acknowledgment and reciprocation. Gratitude is one gift of a leader that is difficult to fake no matter what. It is a gesture of emotional capital investment that brings huge returns to both the giver and receiver. The foundation of grateful leadership is built using the following four pillars:

  1. The consciousness pillar. Gratitude is an attitude that every leader must be conscious of. Through intense observation, a leader sees the positive impact of team member’s gifts, talents, strengths, actions and commitment that cannot go unnoticed. Gratitude attitude helps the leader to see good in every person and it promotes more actions.
  2. The registration pillar. What a leader is conscious of, registers in their minds whether good or bad. The power of gratitude helps the leader to separate what is needed and should be commended from what is not needed and should be discarded. The degree of the force of registration in the consciousness of the leader makes the leader select how the act can be thankfully greeted whether in the open or private.
  3. This is a very small act that gives great results to leaders. Acknowledgment is simply recognizing the efforts of others and expressing a strong feeling of appreciation to them over their works. Acknowledgment is a public statement that endorses a gift, action, performance and its contribution to the overall efforts of a group. Leaders must acknowledge punctuality, results, contributions, outstanding efforts and the works of others. Where acknowledgement and gratitude exist in great quantity, anger and jealousy are generally banished. So, when you enjoy a song, acknowledge it. When you eat a delicious meal, acknowledge it and when you have been hosted to a great party, banquet or service, never fail to acknowledge it.
  4. This is another pillar of grateful leadership that works magically with acknowledgements. Appreciations are a demonstration of gratitude expressed through gifts, letters and praise. Leaders demonstrate their appreciation through symbolic representation which the giver and receiver can display as memorabilia.

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