Every leader must look out for opportunities where they can express gratitude to their people. Leaders express their warm feelings, appreciation and gratitude in the following four unique ways:

  1. They express gratitude at the promotion or success of their people. High impact leaders express their warm affection when their people get promoted or achieve remarkable success in what they do. They congratulate them through letters, telephone calls, warm embrace or other form of demonstrating solidarity for the honour they have received.
  2. They thank them after performing an act or presentation. Just telling someone “that was a great presentation, thank you for a wonderful job and please keep it up,” lightens the receiver and gives them greater confidence to do better.
  3. Give your people more than what you receive from them. Leaders must learn to return praise, acknowledgement and gifts of appreciation from his/her people. Truth is the leader should give more, show more love and demonstrate faith in gratuitous leadership through exemplary conduct.
  4. Leaders should always look for the good of their people and talk about it. Being positive and creating an atmosphere of acceptance, friendliness and reciprocity is the hallmark of great leadership. A leader’s focus must constantly be in identifying the good attitude of their team and using compliments to reinforce these attitudes.


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