1. To follow the tradition of the Magi. Christmas celebration which is a feast that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior, is usually celebrated through giving away of gifts and receiving same from friends and well-wishers. The biblical account of the three Wise men that brought gifts to herald the birth of Jesus Christ has many moral lessons. The Wise men represent a branch of leadership that understands and interprets the times and seasons of their age. The Magi, as they are now known, brought expensive gifts like gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. In line with the moral and tradition of the day, modern leaders use the opportunity that Christmas celebration offers to give gifts to their teams, employees and to less disadvantaged groups like orphanages. Whether it is tagged end of year awards or otherwise, leaders use this time of the year to celebrate their teams and to thank them for their contribution to corporate attainments for the period under review.
  2. To demonstrate their caring nature. When leader’s give-away gifts during Christmas, they show in practical terms their care to their teams. To give gifts during Christmas is to say that celebration is not limited to leaders alone but it is a feast for all. Members of the team who do not have food, clothing or means of celebration are empowered by the leader who goes the extra mile to provide them their basic essentialities.
  3. It creates the right opportunity for leaders to recognize their people. Christmas gifts from leaders to team members convey the message that she/he recognizes their contributions. The occasion affords she/he the opportunity to acknowledge, praise and thank members of the team for their efforts in realizing the goals for the year. Recognition, acknowledgement, praise and public endorsement are key empowerments that results in motivation and individual drive to achieve greater results by team members.
  4. Giving-away of gifts is the best example of love, kindness and oneness by a leader. A Leader’s love and acts of kindness is sustained by how much she/he gives away and not how much they received. Christmas celebration represents a time God gave man the love gift of a Saviour. The season provides leaders opportunity to also give a love gift to their fellow men irrespective of the size and degree. At this season of Christmas, every one of us should demonstrate our love to others through sharing, exchange of gifts and doing acts of kindness to vulnerable individuals who require empowerment.


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