As we approach a new year, many will soon start reeling out their new year resolutions. It is the ritual many engage in at the beginning of the year, Unfortunately, many individuals find out that they never make progress from one year to another.

The reason why this is so is not farfetched. Indeed, someone has defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. They keep doing the same thing and expect a miracle hit. That is insanity.

The secret why many individuals have remained in the same position from one year to another is hidden in that statement. As we approach 2018, I have decided to discuss seven vital secrets that will make you change your results from what was posted in 2017.  The steps will help anyone who want to leave the circle of ‘insanity’ to that of positive result generation. If only you will apply the principles we shall be discussing below, your 2018 will post better results.

  1. Change your objectives. The objectives of 2017 or that of previous years must be different from those of 2018 if you must achieve different results. Let’s examine your career goals and a need to acquire a new skill set. For you to qualify for a new position, assess yourself to determine the course(s) that can sharpen your skill. An MBA or a Masters degree in a chosen field maybe helpful. If your challenge is financial, then you must acquire information in multiple income streams development and growth. Your first assignment should be redefining your objectives to meet with the reality of your challenge.
  2. Change your actions. The actions you will take in 2018 should match the objectives you have set. Many people set objectives, but they refuse to do the things that will make them actualize them. Prayer is not action except you stand up and do something physical about achieving your objectives. If your objective is to acquire a higher degree, chose a school that offers the course and buy the admission form. Ensure you complete the form and submit it to the institution as timely as possible. Do research work and prepare for the life of a student. Buy books, attend classes and be studious. Your objectives will never be realized if you fail to act.
  3. Change your position. Do not allow your position to become obstacle to you when you need to achieve your objectives. Your position may be defined by your age, social status and professional attainments. When your objective demands you to learn from younger and inexperienced persons, you must condescend to their level to enable you to acquire the knowledge or skill.
  4. Change your network. For you to achieve new results you may need to change your circle of friends. You do not need to be in the company of people who are going to nowhere, if you have a destination in mind. Like the saying goes “birds of the same feather flock together”. You must identify individuals with similar objectives, drive and vision, and make them your friends and companion. It is difficult for anyone to rise above their associates. To get new results, you need to change your network and get involved with people with higher visions and ideals in 2018.
  5. Change your way of doing business. You need to examine your commitment level and pay greater attention to what you do. Where you are used to working 3 or 4 hours daily, you will not get better results if you put in the same number of hours and adopt the same methods. You need to change your methods, technologies and processes to get better results. If these areas do not change, your outcome will remain the same at best. Sometimes, it goes down eventually.
  6. Change your target audience. If you are in product or service business, you need to prospect for new customers. There is need for you to segment your market into different niche and target the niche that will give you the highest return. If you continue to serve the same customers, your income can never grow geometrically. You must continually strive to gain higher market size and seek for better ways of retaining your profitable customers.
  7. Change your documentation processes. For many leaders, the inhouse record keeping style is very poor. Many business leaders do not have records of frequency purchase profiles of their customers, neither do they document their needs. They also fail to document the actions they took during the year, what gave them the highest results, where and why they failed with other initiatives with lessons learnt.


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