1. Spend less hours watching television. Every leader must consciously decide to spend less hours watching television and focus more on creative thinking. Television has proven to be the modern time drainer of our generation. Our family members are so addicted to “Telemundo, Super sports and Mexican films” to the extent that most families have been divided along these fault lines and inter-personal commitments have been relegated to the background. Addiction to television have put a great wedge between a husband and wife, father and children, mother and children and even between siblings as some of them spend 3 to 5 hours daily or more on it. For those who care to listen to me, I have often told then that the only person who doesn’t get paid is the man or woman sitting behind the television, engrossed in watching the films. The TV manufacturer, actors, energy providers and advert producers are handsomely paid. What I don’t understand is why will a rational person engage in a business where he/she is a loser. To give yourself a great start, cut down on the number of hours you spend watching television this year.
  2. Read one book every month at least. Leader’s enrich their capacity through reading of great authors and acclaimed writers. To get fresh ideas, perspectives ………………..
  3. Discover the secret of personal recharge and have a recharge experience at least every month. Every leader most discover their recharge secrets and engage in it at least once a month. Some become recharged by withdrawing from public glare and reflecting deeply. Others read books and pray, while many get their recharge by discussing with …………..
  4. Shock yourself by doing what you have been afraid of doing. Astonish yourself by doing that singular thing you have been afraid of doing in the past few years. Try it out and beat your chest saying, ……………….
  5. Acquire a new skill. Learning a new skill will be a great way to give your life a great start. Learn new analytical skills using Microsoft excel, create new packages and move up to do your own designs. Let how to ……………..
  6. Start your own business. It makes no sense for you to scratch from month to month, complaining about your earnings. Put your talent to use and start a new business. Money hides ………………..
  7. Support a political party and a candidate of your choice. Leaders believe in creating egalitarian societies where good governance, rule of law, security and prosperity thrives. Within the political institution, parties or individuals that approximate these ideals exist. You must contribute ………….
  8. Engage in regular physical exercise. Make regular exercise a habit to stay strong and healthy. Physical exercise does not mean it has to be carried out in the open field or in the gym alone. It could happen ……………
  9. Work as volunteer or engage in a service that you won’t be paid for. A leader must find time to engage in community service or provide voluntary services to members of the society. Money should not be the driving force …………..
  10. Spend at least 10 hours with your family every week. You must create a family time with your spouse and children where interaction and bonding are promoted. Family times may span between …………

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