1. Lack of power of resilience. Leaders are resilient people who though could suffer adversity and extreme difficulties, they chose to refuse to be beaten. There are very few leaders (if ever we can find them) who do not carry the scar of severe attacks, difficulties, stress or who have not gone through failure at one point or the other. What sets one individual apart from another is their recovery ability, their resilience to come back with stronger determination, to confront their failures and eventually overcome them.

To succeed in any venture, you need resilience power – that ability that enhances your swift recovery, regain balance and move ahead, despite the cunningness of failure and the mockery of the opposition, particularly when it matters the most.

Resilience means not giving up. Do not give up, no matter what. If resilience power does not exist in sufficient quantity in your life, you will be noted for being a quitter, a deserter and a failure, whenever the going gets tough.  Resilience people always look for a way to achieve their objectives, no matter the difficulties or the challenges on their way.

  1. Failure to look for problems and solve them. Looking for problems and solving them is the hidden instant key to success, recognition and fame. Many in the world are problem creators, who eventually go about seeking for solutions, at a great price. Every leader, at least has a purpose, to solve one problem or another. The relevance of a leader depends on how many problems they can solve, doubts they can resolve and hope they can give to other people.

If you are seeking for success, identify one problem that has defiled many remedies and provide the solution. You will become instant success, celebrity and wealthy. Think about all the people who identified critical problems and solved them; Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, etc. The world has not ceased in celebrating them. You will never succeed in life if you cannot discover the solution of another person’s problem at a profit.

  1. Not knowing how best to treat people. There is only one reason why followers run away from a leader; poor treatment of their followers. The key to customer loyalty is personalized services, recognition, dignity and reward. As a leader, when you treat people with dignity, they will stick around. When you treat them like slaves, they go looking for decent and accommodating leaders.

If you are in business, you will record poor sales and become bankrupt for failing to treat your customers right. If your relationship skills are negatively skewed and screwed, you will never secure a big account and corporate retainer-ship. To lead is to serve the needs of others, by providing them the support to grow bigger and better, in who they are and what they do.

  1. Inability to acquire useable knowledge. To lead people, useable knowledge is a vital tool. Useable knowledge means information acquired that has relevance to daily conduct, with capacity to lift an individual from a lower to a higher level, through its inbuilt benefit.

It also means street sense that can guarantee your survival and protection during crisis and difficulties. Useable knowledge are usually sifted from life-time experiences of other people, hands-on lessons acquired from continuous practice and building on the gains of what has worked and what has added value to a course of action.

  1. Failure in finding the secret of working with other people and making them stand with you. Leading is never a lone journey. It is one that involves many other individuals trailing behind a man or woman, who knows the way and is willingly showing it to his/her followers.

To work with other people requires patience, understanding, team spirit and team building. A team involves individuals who have become united around a common objective, having the same expectation, moving in the same direction and expecting the same result. To succeed in whatever you do, you must work with people and create in them the strong identity that will make them stand with you despite all odds.

There is nothing like automatic ability to work with people, or with every kind of person. You must discover the secret of working with every member of a team, motivating them for better results and understanding the cord that fires them up, to optimally deliver at normal and crisis points.


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