I had an unforgettable experience in November 2017 when my laptop crashed. Before then, I thought I was organized and that I had many things under control. I had 2 external hard drives with a total capacity of 500G. I had the culture of storing my files in the devices at the end of the year. I treated the laptop as a most treasured vault because of the depth of valuable storage it holds for me.

My laptop was like a modern office. It contained ongoing manuscripts of several books at different stages of completion, my MBA lecture notes for my students, all my bank account details, cable television and energy meter account details. Much more are other resources like eBooks, pictures and videos which warehoused magical memories which remain ever green and several valuable materials.

For a full year, I had not saved any of my files, pictures, videos, documents, presentations, manuscripts, etc. believing it will be carried out as I usually do, at the end of the year. That was not to be due to the ill-fated crash of the laptop. That means 90% resources for 2016 which comprises of my presentations, official documents and my children’s details in various folders, presentations, pictures, videos, name it, were all lost.

Suddenly, I realized that I was not as organized as I thought. I have just suffered countless losses because I failed to do very simple things which I overlooked. That is having a backup file for my documents.

In leadership, being organized is one essential trait that most individuals boast about, that they have in good measure. It means creating and saving space for every single activity to remove mess and confusion from your daily activities. It simply means everything has its place and must be so placed. It is a lifestyle where order takes priority.

In the house, the toothpaste has no place in the kitchen neither does the kitchen knife has a place in the bathroom. Bags and shoes all have their place in their shelves while foodstuff has no place in the bedroom.

In many homes, being disorganized has always been the source of conflict. It happens in mine too. For instance, I hate looking for things, so I have designated locations for everything. When I need it, I go to that point without thinking. If I get there and I can’t find it, I go blank. If someone else took it from that point to another, it could be some trouble.

The reason being that I am going to waste time, energy and effort trying to figure out where it has been moved to. To save myself the headache, I always ask for direction from either my wife or anyone to show me the new location of things after cleaning the house. This helps me to reset my mind and allow me to track any item of importance.

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