1. A well-defined goal and focus. If you want to know a man or woman going somewhere, ask him/her what their goal is. While talking to a group of high school leavers, many will tell you they want to be medical doctors, engineers, pilots, business executives, etc. When you ask them their subject combination, many are way of the mark for those disciplines.

One outstanding evidence for an organized life is a well-defined goal, a sense of purpose and unbreakable focus on what the individual is set to achieve in life.

Every leader must find out this trait while making a choice of who should serve in their teams. Having a sense of mission and vision about what an individual want will help to build their motivation and commitment to a cause of action.

  1. A daily schedule of what to do list. Organized leaders plan, and they do not allow interruptions to affect their daily schedules. They write out their activities on a schedule of to do list and work towards achieving them. They audit their performance from time to time to measure how much of their plan was achieved and where they are lagging.

Leaders can tell the number of meetings they will have and who they will be meeting with, the places to visit, the amount of time for each engagement and their future endeavors.

Organizing your life with daily schedule with to do list gives direction, sense of purpose and commitment to make things happen in a well-defined way. It creates a difference in the leader who works to make things happen instead of things happening to him/her accidentally.

  1. Budget for time and resources. Leaders and followers alike need to make budget and live within their means. One strong indication of an organized life is the way they align their needs with their resources. Organized people don’t go borrowing or living beyond their legitimate needs They know how to budget their income, their time and all other resources to optimize their usage, every minute of the day
  2. Disciplined living where everything has its place. Orderliness comes with discipline. Leaders who are disciplined know that there is both time and place for everything. They don’t abuse privileges neither do they change their routines because they have become better placed. They understand the value of recreation, reflections, social interactions and business ethics and ensure none of these erodes each other’s values.
  3. Having predictable activities. If your life is organized, there will be some activities that will be central to what you do on daily basis. For individuals who are your ally or colleagues, they can predict your position or decision on a matter with some degree of certainty, because they have observed you over time.

Organized people are process inclined and adopt methodical approaches in dealing with issues. They create these processes to ensure order and decorum exist. When you walk into any office or a living house, how things are arranged is an indication of the level of organized life of whomsoever occupies the space.

  1. Meeting deadlines and schedules. Not forgetting schedules and promises made is a streak of organized people. Some individuals consent to attending meetings and production of documents as input for others. When the due date comes, you hear things like I forgot, did I really say that, please forgive me. These are indications that the individual involved needs to work on themselves to get more organized.Organized individuals know when their rents will fall due, when school fees will be paid and when other bills will come.  Planlessness will make an individual run from one person to another to solicit for financial support because the wife gave birth. Pregnancy is not a medical case but a condition with tenor. He had nine months to plan but failed to do so.
  2. You have time for work, play and family. Organized individuals know how to have a program of life work balance. There are several aspects of a man or woman that should be given equal attention. A leader must balance out their time for work, family, social and spiritual development.

They must have a regular schedule for exercises, eat smartly and relax to recharge and plan for their next move. They should create time to interact and engage with their children and even their domestic staff. The leaders’ life must be well balanced out.

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