1. They don’t sit for too long. We have earlier recommended that leaders should imbibe the habit of working in block-hours. To work in block hours mean working for a period of between one and three hours and taking time off to work around.
  2. They get sufficient sleep at night. Working extremely hard during the and extra hours late into the night deprives the leader of enough rest and sleep. It is mostly recommended that leaders sleep up to seven hours at night to enable them to regain their strength and balance for the challenges ahead.
  3. They take nap in the day. There is nothing wrong if a leader forms the habit of taking a 30 minute or an hour nap in the afternoon particularly after lunch.
  4. They eat smartly. Eating smartly means taking in food that will provide the needed energy for the day and not engaging in abusive calorie intake. Leaders develop eating habits that sustains their agility in their line of duty and are helpful in being top performers.
  5. They work with people smarter than them. Working with smarter people helps the leader to be more productive, as every team member adds their creative value to the project at hand.
  6. They know the value of vacation and holidays. Great leaders have the habit of going on planned vacations, personal retreats and holidays.
  7. They attend refresher courses and trainings. Leaders understand the power of continuous learning and they take every available opportunity to acquire new knowledge and upgrade their skills. They do this through the habit of reading, attending refresher courses or seminars/trainings.
  8. They are family oriented. Most leaders cherish the comfort and values that a loving and stable family provides, and they do their utmost best to keep their family intact through their habits.
  9. They work on themselves before working on others. Leadership connotes showing the way and being an example to the led. To be atypical of what they advocate, the leader forms the habit of working on themselves before challenging their followers or team members to follow suit.
  10. Creates a system that works, with or without them. The dream of a leader is to leave a legacy of their work, long after they have been removed or when they have moved on. Either way, they desire a system that works with or without them.


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