1. 1. Working alone or in silos. Leaders are people who get things done by working with followers or other team members. As a leader, there is a limit as to how much you can achieve if you work alone, rather than tapping into the great power in synergy.

Nothing destroys a leader’s productivity like trying to do everything by his/herself or through their failure to delegate responsibilities to their subordinates or followers. Working with others unleashes the power of synergy, team spirit and corporate unity.

  1. Lack of body maintenance. When a leader works his/herself to breakdown point without taking out time for maintenance, they not only drain their energy but diminishes their productivity.

The body, like most machines, require maintenance. Body maintenance comes in form of rest, sleep, relaxation, recharge, exercises and smart eating. It also includes regular medical check-ups to ascertain the functionality of your vital organs and medical state of fitness.

  1. Engaging in suffocating meetings. Meetings constitute one of the biggest sources of energy drainers for leaders. Spending unending hours attending meetings have negative psychological and health impact on leaders.
  2. Lack of trust. Leaders must show trust in the abilities of their team members to perform qualitatively and optimally. The notion that things cannot happen without the leader is not only wrong but can kill the leader’s productivity.
  3. Too many Yes and little No. Successful leaders are those who avoid saying yes to everything that comes their way. Saying no is recognizing the things a leader is cut out for and giving room to others to exercise their creativity.

A leader must avoid saying yes 99% of the time so they can pay attention to the 1% activity that can make all the difference in their leadership. The things that constitute the 99% yes are things other team members can do successfully, so why the work overload.


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