(1) To lead people, walk beside them. Leadership is best exemplified in an environment of collaboration and team work. Being bossy and forceful are not rewarding ingredients for achieving positive results.

(2) Control is not leadership. A leader must give room for creativity and self- expression among his team by not believing that there is only one way to get a thing done. Innovation is the bedrock of all civilizations, and this spirit should be encouraged and promoted in the workplace.

(3) Confront the major anxieties of your workforce. A great leader must continuously feel the pulse of the team and gauge the chemistry to see that things are working well.

 (4) Planning and stating the required destination is the task of the leader. A leader must demonstrate that he knows where the team is going and possibly how to get there, safe and sound.

 (5) Leadership is inspirational guidance. The leader must understand the motivation and the mood of his team when declaring an action plan. To lose the authority of leadership is to be insensitive to the general feeling of the team. When the leader is lacking in sensitivity, their directives will be ignored and set aside. In the context above, a leader must learn to abide by this advise

 (6) Leaders make task easy and spice them with enthusiasm. A leader must be able to explain a task in the simplest terms. When a leader cannot explain a task simply, it is an indication that the leader does not fully understand the assignment.

 (7) A leader must be a great mobilizer. To get things done, you need people. The leader’s zeal and enthusiasm must be infectious and compelling. The Leader is one who mobilizes others to achieve a stated goal.

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