1. Co-equal leadership. Very often in offices and groups, you hear things like: we share equal rights and responsibilities in this group and nobody should claim superiority. Never take me for a ride, because I know my rights. Statements like the above are signs that all is not well with the team and points to the existence of a problem of headship in a team. This circumstance is clearly a hydra headed team, where everyone is in charge and no one is charged.
  2. Lack of direction. A team without direction is like a ship without a helmsman. Direction gives a team focus, purpose and a sense of achievement. It helps planning, performance and measurement of target.
  3. Close-mindedness. A team can only make impact when the members are receptive to new ideas and are tolerant of intellectual conversations, without minding who wins the argument. When a group closes its door to fresh ideas or attributes to its itself the ultimate wisdom of solving all problems, that attitude is symptomatic that the group is in deep problems.
  4. Lack of cohesion. Lack of unity of purpose, spirit of togetherness and bond of friendship will make team members to underperform and deliver their targets. A cursory examination of a team will reveal the presence of coherency, by their attitudes and interaction of the members.
  5. Favoritism/lack of fairness. This means applying different rules to different individuals, with the aim of giving one undue advantage over the other. Favoritism arises for different reasons, but its presence creates imbalance relationship among team members. In any team where unfairness and favoritism hold sway, that team is bound to run into problems, as some persons will be suffering from emotional injury at the expense of a few others.
  6. Inflexibility. This is the failure to adopt consensus method of reaching decisions as against the method of imposition. Being inflexible describes a rigid behavior where team members hold tightly to their entrenched positions, and are unwilling to make concessions or adopt a compromise position on any matter.


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