1. Leaders understand that every vision or mission is built around people. The dreams of leaders are built around people or segment of people. To make change happen and get people involved in the realization of their dreams, a leader must choose people, love them, teach them his/her vision and deploy them as partners, to convert the dreams to reality.
2. Leaders know that people have potential. It is potential that can turn coal to diamond. For a leader, the people who they see and work with have potentials. The potential could be dormant at some point, but it is the place of the leader to identify it, reveal its existence to the people and create strategies that will make them draw excellent performance from this reservoir to its fullest, by maximizing their potency.
3. Leaders understand that people grow with time. Leaders understand that what they see in their people today is not what will continue after tomorrow. Some persons who appear to be nobody today will emerge as academics, entrepreneurs, administrators, rulers and shapers of destiny tomorrow.
4. Leaders realize that their people are their biggest reward. For a leader, the biggest reward of their efforts are younger leaders they discovered, built and placed in positions of higher responsibility.
5. The leaders’ security comes from their people. A leader loved and admired by their people will be protected and defended by their followers. What endears a leader’s followers to make them defend their leader even at the risk of their lives is the passion, intimacy and dedicated efforts of the leader involved in building the followers capabilities over the years.
6. A love for the people is a great measure of successful leadership style. When a leader puts his/her people first with demonstrable love, welfare and care, the people in turn reciprocate with love and followership. Love makes leaders succeed and where love is absent, rebellion is inevitable.

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