Every leader must love and inspire love in her people. By loving the people for who they are and what can be done by them and through them, they empower them for greater results and success for the following reasons.
1. Love the people the way they are for they are not perfect. Love is not triggered off because the receiver is perfect. The people are bound to make mistakes and commit errors of judgment. A leader loves them the way they are irrespective of their imperfections, failures and even repeated failures and defeats.
2. Love the people during conflicts and disagreements. Many leaders divide their followership during conflicts, policy disagreements and when followers fail to toe their line of reasoning. To love is to show respect to individual opinions, not to castigate and outlaw them for holding divergent views.
3. Love the people when they are slow to carry out instructions. Many leaders fall into the temptation of showing love to people who are as smart as they are or those who catch and follow instructions very fast as against the slow and methodical. Some have openly declared their hatred against slow and unintelligent people.
4. Love the people even when they ask unintelligent questions. Leaders must use questioning to stimulate conversation with members of their teams. The questions being asked by the followers reflect their perceptions or those of their friends which they want cleared up or invalidated.
5. Love the people despite their economic status. Love has no exception in principle. The poor and hungry need it just like the rich and affluent. A leader must show love to people despite their economic status and help them realize their dreams.

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