1. Being a radical thought leader: A radical thought leader is a person who continuously innovates or bring into reality new ways of getting things done. She/he is never afraid of destroying what is old and in existence, to create a new thing. Radical thinking makes a person veer off from existing initiatives through the creation of original ideas that are different from what exist, and executes them with zeal and zest for result.
  2. Recruiting smarter people than themselves. A leader who is always threatened by people smarter than him/her can never be an all-time success or result achiever. The truth is no business rises more than the thinking of the leadership. For a leader to make team members smarter, they should expose them to writings of modern experts in their field, challenge them to adopt better industry practices, engage them in skip leadership sessions and create a learning organization where creativity and development thrives.
  3. Being enthusiastic about solving problems or challenges. This may sound strange to many, but problems are the fastest ways of getting all time success whenever they are ingeniously resolved. Successful leaders nose around for complications, problems or difficulties and rise to the occasion by providing a solution.
  4. Focusing on what is working right. For a leader who is new on a desk, the priority should be to identify what is working right and focus on them to achieve all time success. These are low hanging fruits which are quick wins before he/she begin to implement disruptive changes.
  5. Building a team that acts like business owners. A sense of business ownership in team members is an extraordinary result driver that makes people create better performances. For them, there is a huge motivation to fight for and defend what is truly theirs and champion its success.
  6. Listening more than talking. To achieve all time success, leaders should cultivate the art of listening and less of talking. Listening is not only a way of getting feedback but a huge source of getting ideas that can turn around businesses. All time success leaders know that behind the façade of complaints and difficulties that their staff talk about lies huge opportunities waiting to be tapped.
  7. Taking care of the small things and multiplying results. There are many “small things” many leaders do not pay attention to, but these are essential result multipliers. For many CEOs, their main preoccupation are projects, advertising campaigns, new product development and how to improve the bottom line.

What are the small things that can yield multiplied results?

(A) Spending time with team members.

(b) Creating new idea talk shows.

(c) Recreation centers and games.

(d) Focus on charity or CSR.

(E) Building off-site ties and relationships.

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