1. Demonstrate gut power. Awesome results by leaders do not only emanate from good thinking and having a heart for the people but through gut-power. Gut power helps the leader to scale barriers, obstacles and stand up to difficulties and surmount them courageously and then go ahead to obtain awesome results. Every leader must overcome fear and the rigors that come with hardship as a way of achieving success. A leader’s gutsiness is not in a matter of words but an audacious action which facilitates awesome results.
  2. Go to places others won’t go. When leaders go to places which others won’t go, their discoveries always turn out differently. Where they feared death reigns, they discovered life and in places of rags, some found riches. Every time a leader chose to take a risk to go to places where others won’t go, they act against fear and overcome it. When they successfully achieve awesome results, they become undeniably visible, recognized and rewarded as great achievers.
  3. Innovate always. Awesome result generating leaders continuously improve on what they do to stay on top. They embrace flexibility and continuous improvement concepts in designing goods and services to remain relevant in the market place. Innovation helps leaders to keep changing and adopting new methods to solving old problems for man and society.
  4. Be passionate about what you do. Awesome result generating leaders live their passion by pursuing their dreams and expecting the outcome to be favourable. When a leader finds their passion and live it out, they derive inner peace, satisfaction, sense of fulfilment and the feeling that the reason for their existence has not been wasted. When others see how good they are while doing this, they patronize their services and recommend it to their friends and acquittances.
  5. Keep doing the right things until the results show up. Many individuals think that success is an instant phenomenon. Results take time to congeal and awesome results do not happen overnight. A leader must consistently pursue his/her dream and stay on course until the results manifest. When they do, they should recognize and celebrate little successes until the major ones appear. Awesome leaders are patient, consistent and focused. They know what they want and until they achieve it, they don’t rest. They get everyone on their side and keep pointing them to the big picture ahead of them all. Ultimately, they achieve awesome results and celebrate with the entire team.


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