1. The Execution Mentality: Leadership is about getting things done and it is not only about occupying a position or a high office. The execution mentality of awesome result-oriented leaders is a mind-set that converts ideas to goals, vision and purpose. It commands the required attention, commitment and motivation to achieve the goals within a specified duration. Execution is the most difficult responsibility of a leader. It takes very little to plan but execution takes everything to succeed. Any leader who cannot execute does not qualify to make changes happen. Execution is the only behaviour that changes corporate fortunes.
  1. The Flexibility Mentality: Awesome result-oriented leaders know that, plans are bound to change during execution as unplanned events or “planning blind spots” can create challenges. The leader therefore adopts flexibility mode to change strategies without altering the planned result, to survive the emerging challenge of the environment. Flexibility results in diversity of approach in solving problems.
  2. The Creativity Mentality: Great leadership gets reinforced with fresh, better, faster, easier and cheaper ideas while focusing on achieving planned results. Awesome result-oriented leaders use creativity mentality to sustain the enthusiasm of team members, provide fresh ideas and new thinking that engenders greater commitment and willingness to succeed on the part of team members.
  3. The Embedded Passion Mentality. Passion drives a leader’s behaviour towards achieving a result. An embedded passion mentality will create a “result rush” as it will get the leader down to the level of leading by doing, thereby motivating other team members towards set goals. Passion makes leaders to be in love with their job and it’s the main ingredient of self-driving performance for results. The passion for success leads to great communication, information sharing, team cohesion, uncommon courage and tenacity.
  4. The Appreciation for Work Well done Mentality. Awesome result-oriented leaders understand that success is a team sport, where all members must be recognized, showered with praise and appreciated for their invaluable contributions and adequately rewarded. They continuously appreciate team members for their contributions to guarantee their self-esteem and self-worth to keep performing optimally.


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